Emergency SMS number

July 12, 2006

Chaos everywhere. Hundreds of people killed. TV Channels covering it LIVE. People near stations helping the injured to reach the hospital. Those near hospitals, getting in some food and volunteering for passing messages to their relatives and friends. Everyone doing their bit to help. TV Channels flashing SMS numbers asking people to send in messages to announce their safety or to find out if their friends are safe.

There are more than 15 news channel which are known and seen. There are many more in regional languages. Everyone has their own SMS number asking people to send in their messages. Now, how does Rahul pass on his message to his mother through a TV channel – how does he know that his mother is watching Zee News, Aaj Tak, CNN-IBN, NDTV – on which channel should he send the message. This is where a single SMS number would do the trick. There should be one single SMS number to which people can send messages in a disaster and all the news channels beam those messages in a ticker which are sent to that number. This way, someone in trouble or wanting more information is sure that his friend, family would read it.

There is revenue sharing involved at the moment for all the channels and the Cell service providers – but in case of a disaster, a single number should be sworn in. What say? It’ll be good if we can discuss this here. What are your views?






Western Railway Enquiry 131, (022) 2306 1763Mumbai Helpline (022) 2200 5388

Cooper Hospital (022) 2620 7254
Bhabha Hospital – Bandra (022) 2642 2775
Hinduja Hospital (022) 2445 1515
Leelavati Hospital (022) 2643 8281
Nanavati Hospital (022)
Raheja Hospital (022) 2446 7569
Sion Hospital (022) 2407 6380 / 2444 9161

To send messages on TV News Channels :

SMS “Mumbai” to 2622 followed by your message
Or call (0120)4341 895

Headlines Today
HT Message your name to 2424

SMS message to 6388

Times Now
SMS YOU Message at 8888

Blood Required

July 12, 2006

Large quantities of blood needed. Any of u who can, pls do so at the nearest hospital.

If u have any frnds around borivali, pls ask them to contact me on 9820154049 or akhil on 9821544637. We are trying to arrange a blood donation camp at Eksar, Borivali. For groups of four and its multiples, we will arrange free transportation (depending on availability of vehicles loaned by friends).

Borivali is one of the worst affected. Your friends can go directly to Bhagwati Hospital and offer blood or call us for information on nearest blood collection camp around Borivali.

Cheers, Bala


Sion Hospital has made an appeal for 1600 bottles of blood.

That’s Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Gen, Hopital & Medical College Sion 24076381(202) / 24073418 / 24082504 / 24092020 / 24074539 (P)

You can see the entire compartment ripped off with some blood stained clothes hanging outside.

Hospital scene after Mumbai Blasts

The scene at one of the hospitals after Mumbai Blasts

Platform Photo after the blasts

Watch the roof at the platform after the blasts

Mumbai Blasts

Mumbai Blasts

Photos from Mumbai Serial Blasts

Mumbai Serial Blasts Pictures

Mumbai Train Blasts

Courtesy: Times of India and various other sources.

At Mahim

July 11, 2006

Video Grab

Courtesy: Reuters

Mumbai relived a nightmare when seven explosions shook the city within minutes on Tuesday evening. Reports said more than 100 people had died and many were injured.

The target was Mumbai’s life-line — its local train services — timed to catch the evening rush.

The first blast occurred in a first-class compartment of a local train near Khar station at 6.24 p.m and six more had occurred within the next 11 minutes all on trains or at or near railway stations.

The other blasts occurred at Mira Road, Matunga, Santa Cruz, Jogeshwari, Borivili and Bhayendar railway stations.

All explosions were reported to have taken place in first class compartments of trains at a time when a large chunk of the commercial capital is returning home from office.

Police said more than 100 people had died. Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh reassured the citizens of Mumbai that things were under control. He saked the people to keep calm and not panic in reaction to rumours.

Mumbai was stunned before the panic set in. There was chaos and crush as people rushed to safety. Many were seen lying on the rail tracks.

Eyewitnesses said rain was hampering rescue work as the injured were carried to hospital. The injured at Santa Cruz station were taken to the nearby V N Desai hospital and another 20 were admitted to the KEM Hospital in Parel.

As people tried to reach their own, local phone lines were jammed and communication within the city and from outside became impossible. All trains on the Western line route have been suspended.

Police cordoned off all railway stations on the line and strict checking was carried out at the Central and Harbour sections of local trains services.

The blasts brought live fading memories of the BEST blasts of 2003. Reports said the city once again sprang to the rescue of its people, while official help was tardy.

Meanwhile, Delhi was put on high alert after the serial blasts in Srinagar and Mumbai through the day.

The Centre went into a huddle, with the Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil rushing to meet Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh.

Later, Patil read out a statement from Dr Singh in which he said the fight against terrort would continue.