I was at office when I heard about the blast, for few seconds i was in state of shock, and then I was thinking what these people are up to, what they want to prove by killing innocent people.

Mumbai has always been a blast victim.

Are we ready for this again and again????

We should all thank god for saving us, but how long we will be saved from the terrorist attacks.

I think we are escaping from ourselves by saying ‘The Spirit of Mumbai’, and encouraging our system to take us for granted who think that MUMBAIKARS will be able to digest all this and life will go on as if nothing has happened.

All the media channels got exciting news to display, to talk about in their chat shows. It will be there for some days after that they will again start searching for some exciting news. Why don’t the media try to expose our system??

I feel proud to be a Mumbaikar. I request all Mumbaikars to come out with a solution, rather than depending our government to help us.


I heard it on television, yesterday, while I was at work. It had happened again. Someone had once again seen fit to disrupt life as we know it, using force.

Running to the TV set, I simultaneously began dialling family and friends. The networks were jammed. I stayed at work until around 1.00 am before having someone come and pick me up as the taxis were all occupied. As I made my way home, I saw more ambulances than I had seen in my life. There were people in pain, angry, desperate, and searching for signs of hope from unlikely sources.

I saw the police struggle to curtail angry mobs stoning taxi drivers who refused to take them where they wanted to go. I admit, I silently applauded the attackers, as I believe public servants should serve the public, not hold them to ransom. I stayed clear of the station roads, where the blasts occurred. The media had descended in full force, hungry for sound bites, pictures and video footage.

The next day, it was the same journalists who applauded the fact that Mumbai was back at work. They called it our resilience and celebrated our ‘spirit of courage’. But, as I made my way to work, I saw the remains of yesterday in the form of the expressions on faces, the worry, the police and overflowing hospitals with weeping relatives outside.

I had to wonder. Are we glorifying ‘resilience’ or ‘stony heartedness’? Have we, the white-collared, become robots that do not deviate from our routines to take time to feel other people’s pain, offer help where necessary? Does the loss of life in this country mean so little? Why is the government silent? Will they make their standard offer of a sweaty wad of blood money to bereaved families? When will we learn that violence breeds violence?

And then, it hit me. The answer to all my questions was undeniably, simply, that we do not care to ‘know’ the depth and breath of this calamity. We worry less about the collective and more and more about ourselves and our possessions. The biggest tragedy is we are glorified for not feeling.

And they call us resilient…

source: REDIFF

Well rather than doing a plain fact driven stories and blood stained scenes, I have a few points which interested people should look into….I m an avid watcher and follower and I think only you guys can really make a difference to the currently disgusting scenario we all live in..

1. Firstly…ALL MEDIA IS INTERSTED in sensational news…hence coverage is going to continue on What happened , who got affected etc…. DO YOU people know that on an average 20 people die both in central and western railway by falling off trains/ overhead wire shocks, hitting side posts, etc. that figure is more than 5000 annually…

2. If trains are filled 4 times more than capacity , then people are bothered just to get in…..WHO gets in nobody is interested in….HENCE THE FOCUS SHOULD BE ON INFRASTRUCTURE as to people can atleast see each other in the trains rather than blindly jumping to get a foothold.

3. the plight of railway stations is such that it is always filthy, no place to stand, no first aid, no security screening , etc. This is the treatment we DESERVE because we vote for people who dont care about anybody.

4. MUMBAI railway is one of the most profitable sectore but look at the plight of people travelling….also the major network today had been readied by the BRITISHERS whereas our politicians, governments etc have been looking to extend CST – THANE and BORIVILI – VIRAR for teh last 20 years…..without any success…..If you cannot shift simple slum dwellers then how can you possibly screen intelligent perperators of crime……. HAS THE MEDIA EVER questioned the politicains about the attention to Mumbai….THE BIGGEST tax payer but the biggest sucker who gets nothing in return….

5. People will get back to work…and Media will say Mumbai spirit is alive and people are brave to start living normally again. It is because of our TOLERANT nature…the politicians and planners give a damn….thinking that tommorrow these peole will be back and seven days they will forget….DID anybody comeout today and stalll trains demanding safety and travelling in HUMAN conditions…..Has a politicain ever travelled on train to see exactly how if feels to be massaged by 4-5 bodies at atime or hanging on to your life by holding a stray handle…..GOVINDA travelled in an empty train to do a media stunt….I challenge any politician to get in a 6 pm train without support…. THEY WILL COME IN AC cars and shed crocodile tears and RUN to their dens in DELHI……SONIA came last night and is already back….Delhi is clean because of security reasons whereas Bombay is dirty bcoz of votebank politics….. YOU SHOULD JUST TRY TO STAND 5 GUYS IN a 2 FT SQUARE in heat+ humidity and try to push… atleast u will know what it feels in a train

6. Just travel once from VT station to Sewri via the PD MELLO road….you will see on both sides bangladeshi immigrants cornering 80 % of the main road with their beds on the road….On this road the new terminus for the outstation trains isready for the last 2 years but the facilites etc are not shifting… Ask the railway CGM why..


My name is Sunil Doshi…. a individual tax prayer…who feels helpless as not been able to do anything substantial in a social cause…

Emergency SMS number

July 12, 2006

Chaos everywhere. Hundreds of people killed. TV Channels covering it LIVE. People near stations helping the injured to reach the hospital. Those near hospitals, getting in some food and volunteering for passing messages to their relatives and friends. Everyone doing their bit to help. TV Channels flashing SMS numbers asking people to send in messages to announce their safety or to find out if their friends are safe.

There are more than 15 news channel which are known and seen. There are many more in regional languages. Everyone has their own SMS number asking people to send in their messages. Now, how does Rahul pass on his message to his mother through a TV channel – how does he know that his mother is watching Zee News, Aaj Tak, CNN-IBN, NDTV – on which channel should he send the message. This is where a single SMS number would do the trick. There should be one single SMS number to which people can send messages in a disaster and all the news channels beam those messages in a ticker which are sent to that number. This way, someone in trouble or wanting more information is sure that his friend, family would read it.

There is revenue sharing involved at the moment for all the channels and the Cell service providers – but in case of a disaster, a single number should be sworn in. What say? It’ll be good if we can discuss this here. What are your views?