A series of blasts has rocked Mumbai again. It’s terrifying. 8 blasts all on the suburban railway network within a span of 20-30 minutes. TV channels are covering the whole thing and trust me, it’s really depressing watching those dead on the television screen. All the phone lines are jammed and so is the cellular service. An emergency meeting has been called by the PM and the police is not sure of the number of casualties. I’ll be updating this blog with all the latest information available from the net and watching live television.

I have a request – if anyone has witnessed the blasts or want to post messages about themselves or their friends being safe, have pictures or more information, kindly send it to me at mumbaiblasts@gmail.com


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Haresh Says:

    Respected Protectors,
    Sir I not writing this mail for Giving any News for the Blast that where Occured Few Days Back.., But after the Blast what mumbaikar’s and Non Mumbaikars are Doing or trying to Do…,I dont no much of it., But What I saw few Days Back was not common.. But I dont know where to give the Detail.. So for just to see whether this Street Where the Mail will be going is Right or not I am sending this mail as a Testing mail.., Please Do Reply soon … Awating for the Reply..,
    An Indian Citizen

  2. Nir Says:

    Hey Haresh

    Your message is posted here. You can let us know the details which you would want to give.

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