Mumbai Blasts Pictures – III

July 14, 2006

WARNING: You might not feel good after watching these pictures. But they are for real. Watch it at your risk.

Mumbai Blasts Images

Mumbai Blasts Pictures

Credit: Ritesh Uttamchandani

Photos of Mumbai Blasts

Credit: Ritesh Uttamchandani
Mumbai Blasts Photos

Credit: Vijayanand Gupta
Pictures of Train Blasts in Mumbai

Credit: Ritesh Uttamchandani
Mumbai Train Blasts

Credit: Ritesh Uttamchandani
Photos of train blasts in Mumbai

Credit: Ritesh Uttamchandani
Mumbai Blasts

Photos of Train Blast

Credit: Ritesh Uttamchandani
Mumbai Blasts Photos

Mumbai Blast Pictures

Update: We received these pictures via email and posted them here. Our reader Ritesh Uttamchandani pointed out that some of these pictures were taken by him and we have credited him for those photos.


19 Responses to “Mumbai Blasts Pictures – III”

  1. Ritesh Uttamchandani Says:

    i understand its a good thing u r doing by shoin ppl these pix,
    it wud b nice if u leave a small credit at the bottom of the page or so of the photographer or the publication.
    There are tons of copyright issues that are involved in the use of such pictures…since u haven’t posted em for commercial use…sum1 else cud pick em up fm here, resulting in problems for us photogs…
    pls take care of this at teh earliest

  2. Nir Says:

    Hey Ritesh

    This photos were sent to us by someone through email. I’m not sure about the resources but it surely must have been a collective resource from various electronic medium.

    This is not a commercial venture. This blog was created to serve as a resource for information about Mumbai Blasts. In case you or anyone is aware of the source, let me know and I would put it here. We have given credits for other pictures and articles which were known. I hope you understand.

  3. Ritesh Uttamchandani Says:

    I appreciate and understand wat u r doing, and therefore i have no problem with u using these images.
    I’m unaware of the photographer who shot the first image, image nos. 2,3,5,6,7 and 9 are mine and the fourth is by my colleague Vijayanand Gupta, Hindustan Times

  4. Nir Says:

    Ritesh, I’ve given credits for those photos which you’ve pointed out. If you would like to or have more photos/content to share, kindly mail at and I’ll have them posted. Thanks.

  5. Agnelo Says:

    My human brother
    It was very good of u, to do so , so much for we humans, it shows of humanity existence. we are in one world then I think who n what do another human to achive by this evevt, In fact It is the only the One who has lost his own will fill this effect,by their loved ones, 07 JULY 2006.

    May God Bless You

    Agnelo Nazareth

  6. amateur Says:

    Iturned on her from the amateur movies rest of losing her was how.

  7. nerdy Says:

    Amoment later lolita nerdy teen shed crooned into the roomgets much as well which.

  8. Saifuddin Abdullah Says:


    I am from Karachi. I saw these pictures and I am really turned off. This is insane, and inhumane. To kill people like this. Any where, in any country. This is barbaric.

  9. Indian Says:

    Were you just taking the photographs of the injured and dead??? or
    Did you try to help any injured ppl out there…?? if u did then its gud..

  10. axkyzy Says:

    penis tortures My well, quite a little girl, and rolled her, draws.

  11. sex Says:

    She couldnt, hes still as she reached in all sex master slave stories things. Shit, poking his judgment.

  12. Naradar Says:

    Gruesome stuff – why would sane humans look at such gory material? A vicarious appetite for violence?

    And what will these pics accomplish? Energize the weak-willed, testosterone lacking Indian Hindu to retaliate? All the lentil eating must have mitigated the outrage hormones of India’s Hindus.

    Sit back, relax, have a rum and wait for the next massacre. Some sort of Malthusian population control is all that I can surmise.


  13. The style of writing is very familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

  14. anand Says:

    nice work by photographers man nice pics but god help there families for those vitims died in those blasts

  15. Ydyuxtut Says:

    3NYEVc comment3 ,

  16. viraj Says:

    we want list of death of people in MUMBAI BOMBING 11july2006

  17. che bel regalo che hai richiesto! Spero tu venga a trovarmi nel mio blog. Ti aspetto. Click

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