Mumbai always a blast victim

July 13, 2006

I was at office when I heard about the blast, for few seconds i was in state of shock, and then I was thinking what these people are up to, what they want to prove by killing innocent people.

Mumbai has always been a blast victim.

Are we ready for this again and again????

We should all thank god for saving us, but how long we will be saved from the terrorist attacks.

I think we are escaping from ourselves by saying ‘The Spirit of Mumbai’, and encouraging our system to take us for granted who think that MUMBAIKARS will be able to digest all this and life will go on as if nothing has happened.

All the media channels got exciting news to display, to talk about in their chat shows. It will be there for some days after that they will again start searching for some exciting news. Why don’t the media try to expose our system??

I feel proud to be a Mumbaikar. I request all Mumbaikars to come out with a solution, rather than depending our government to help us.


One Response to “Mumbai always a blast victim”

  1. Every indian will fight against terror. No one can break our unity.

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