Mumbai Dying: Can we do something

July 12, 2006

Well rather than doing a plain fact driven stories and blood stained scenes, I have a few points which interested people should look into….I m an avid watcher and follower and I think only you guys can really make a difference to the currently disgusting scenario we all live in..

1. Firstly…ALL MEDIA IS INTERSTED in sensational news…hence coverage is going to continue on What happened , who got affected etc…. DO YOU people know that on an average 20 people die both in central and western railway by falling off trains/ overhead wire shocks, hitting side posts, etc. that figure is more than 5000 annually…

2. If trains are filled 4 times more than capacity , then people are bothered just to get in…..WHO gets in nobody is interested in….HENCE THE FOCUS SHOULD BE ON INFRASTRUCTURE as to people can atleast see each other in the trains rather than blindly jumping to get a foothold.

3. the plight of railway stations is such that it is always filthy, no place to stand, no first aid, no security screening , etc. This is the treatment we DESERVE because we vote for people who dont care about anybody.

4. MUMBAI railway is one of the most profitable sectore but look at the plight of people travelling….also the major network today had been readied by the BRITISHERS whereas our politicians, governments etc have been looking to extend CST – THANE and BORIVILI – VIRAR for teh last 20 years…..without any success…..If you cannot shift simple slum dwellers then how can you possibly screen intelligent perperators of crime……. HAS THE MEDIA EVER questioned the politicains about the attention to Mumbai….THE BIGGEST tax payer but the biggest sucker who gets nothing in return….

5. People will get back to work…and Media will say Mumbai spirit is alive and people are brave to start living normally again. It is because of our TOLERANT nature…the politicians and planners give a damn….thinking that tommorrow these peole will be back and seven days they will forget….DID anybody comeout today and stalll trains demanding safety and travelling in HUMAN conditions…..Has a politicain ever travelled on train to see exactly how if feels to be massaged by 4-5 bodies at atime or hanging on to your life by holding a stray handle…..GOVINDA travelled in an empty train to do a media stunt….I challenge any politician to get in a 6 pm train without support…. THEY WILL COME IN AC cars and shed crocodile tears and RUN to their dens in DELHI……SONIA came last night and is already back….Delhi is clean because of security reasons whereas Bombay is dirty bcoz of votebank politics….. YOU SHOULD JUST TRY TO STAND 5 GUYS IN a 2 FT SQUARE in heat+ humidity and try to push… atleast u will know what it feels in a train

6. Just travel once from VT station to Sewri via the PD MELLO road….you will see on both sides bangladeshi immigrants cornering 80 % of the main road with their beds on the road….On this road the new terminus for the outstation trains isready for the last 2 years but the facilites etc are not shifting… Ask the railway CGM why..


My name is Sunil Doshi…. a individual tax prayer…who feels helpless as not been able to do anything substantial in a social cause…


2 Responses to “Mumbai Dying: Can we do something”

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