Blood Required

July 12, 2006

Large quantities of blood needed. Any of u who can, pls do so at the nearest hospital.

If u have any frnds around borivali, pls ask them to contact me on 9820154049 or akhil on 9821544637. We are trying to arrange a blood donation camp at Eksar, Borivali. For groups of four and its multiples, we will arrange free transportation (depending on availability of vehicles loaned by friends).

Borivali is one of the worst affected. Your friends can go directly to Bhagwati Hospital and offer blood or call us for information on nearest blood collection camp around Borivali.

Cheers, Bala


Sion Hospital has made an appeal for 1600 bottles of blood.

That’s Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Gen, Hopital & Medical College Sion 24076381(202) / 24073418 / 24082504 / 24092020 / 24074539 (P)


2 Responses to “Blood Required”

  1. Shivangi Says:

    Dear Bala,

    Why you have to do all this. when you can not pay for the services you have opted for. First you clear the outstanding payments of ours. then do all this NATAK.

    I dont know why people play games like this. Bala is not a true gentlemen. He opted for the service from my company and till date he has not paid. And the amount is as less as Rs. 2500 INR. what a shame.

    The dirty mind behind SOCIAL WORKER. Ha hahahaaha

  2. Nirav Says:

    Hey Shivangi, what is that he’s availed of and not paying. Why don’t you talk to him directly?

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